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10 tips to seduce a man
Published By babu banik on 2011-11-25 967 Views

Have you ever tried seducing a man who is tall, dark and handsome? It might be easy getting into his pants, than you think. It may look and sound difficult but it is indeed an easy job for a woman to seduce a man. The best measure out of the so many available is to seduce him by leaving him unsatisfied. This is the first and the foremost tip of seducing any man in the world and it does work wonders. Leaving him in this way makes him yearn and pine for you all the more.

The second measure of doing so is by creating the right environment. Bodily atmosphere is the best way of seducing a man. Avoiding crowded, jam packed and noisy place is the right thing to do. Taking him out for lunch and simultaneously playing soft music will make him react the way you want it to be.

It is also the confidence within a woman that turns on a man. If a woman is elegant and carries herself in the best manner possible, then it could be very helpful in seducing a man. One should also be careful that she does not look too snobbish or extravagant in the process of being charming or confident. If this happens, then the tables might turn on your head.

The eye of a woman speaks volumes about her. A healthy eye contact with person who she wants to seduce can play a sheet anchor role. Staring is highly different from a direct contact. Do not stare! Instead, keep looking into his eyes, every time, you find him looking at you. This is one of the softest means of seducing the men folk.

Fifthly, the woman also must make sure that she is not too tangible in screening her concern in a guy. Do not pay heed to everything that he does but also make sure that you do not lose interest in everything that he does for you. If this happens, things might not turn in your favor resulting in a fiasco.

Looking good for a woman is the most important thing. It is the killer looks within a woman that turns on a man very fast. Good body language coupled with excellent dressing style, more often than not, does the trick.

If a woman stands in front of the mirror and is sure about the fact that she is looking stunning, then she has already won half the battle.

Voice modulation is also a very important method of seducing a man. Most women seem to belittle this fact, but then speaking softly is a sure shot way to succeed. Or whispering something into his years generally works for most of the women.

Flirting or in fact healthy flirting is shoat every woman must abide by if she wishes to turn on his man. Make him feel that you are hard to get so that he pines for you every time you look at him. Touching his shoulders or wrist or palms suddenly while talking also paves way for seduction. It is also advised that a woman gives her point of view on a topic instead of continuously nodding her head.
Fragrance is also an important factor.

The perfume you apply should neither be too mild or too strong. Wearing the fragrance in the most effective way, also seduces a man to large extent. Finally, being rational and avoiding conflicts also paves way for seduction. It is also the common sense of a woman that appeals to most of the men. Implement the above points, to get desired results.

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